Nathalia Mazzonetto



Mazzonetto has been very active in a range variety of Intellectual Property (IP) issues and has experience on corporate and contractual disputes. Has been acting as mediator and expert on IP and corporate and contractual disputes. As a lawyer, has participated on corporate/business negotiations, IP rights transactions and conducted procedures before State Courts and Arbitral Tribunals. In her professional career, Mazzonetto worked in big, medium and small law firms, working with advisory and litigation/adversarial cases.

Education and other information

JD in Law at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC/SP – 2004), has LLM in Civil Procedure Law and Arbitration at Università degli Studi di Milano (Milan – Italy – 2005) and on Intellectual Property Law at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Milan – Italy – 2005) and at GVLaw/SP – 2006. Master in Civil Procedure Law (dissertation on “Parties and Third Parties on Arbitration”) before the University of São Paulo (USP) as a scholarship student (FAPESP – 2009). PhD at the University of São Paulo, having per thesis’ project the use of arbitration for solving IP disputes. Invited teacher/lecturer of several courses of IP and Mediation/Arbitration of important institutions such as CPR, USP, FGV Law, ABPI. Worked as teacher of Jurisdictional Practice, Civil Procedure Fundamentals and Mediation / Arbitration of the American College of Brazilian Studies (AMBRA College) and as assistant teacher of Civil Procedure Law at USP. Ex-researcher of FGV/Law in research’s project carried out by the Ministry of Legal Affairs of the Justice Office (“The DSD for Disputes of Public Interest” – 2010). Mazzonetto is listed as neutral/expert before the boards of important ADRs Chambers and Institutions, such as CPR, INTA (International Trademark Association), ABPI (Brazilian Intellectual Property Association), CAM-CCBC (Arbitration and Mediation Centre of Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada), CIESP-FIESP, CAMARB, among others. Mazzonetto has joined the Task Force Group in charge of the drafting of ABPI Rules of Mediation and Arbitration. Listed in legal practice guides such as IAM 1000 Patent, Chambers Partners, Análise 500, WTR.

Acts as coach and jury for negotiation, mediation and arbitration competitions addressed to Law students. In 2017, joined the IBA-VIAC Mediation & Negotiation Competition as coach for the PUC/SP team. Has coordinated several IP and ADR committees in important institutions such as CBAr, ABPI, ICC-Brazil and recently serves as chair and co-chair for INTA’s ADR Committee and its General Advisory Committee for South and Central Americas. Mazzonetto also acts as volunteer for Viva e Deixe Viver (Hospital Storytellers Community) and for a State public school in São Paulo (Fernão Dias Paes) focused in practices to promote better dialogues and CNV (Non-violent communication).

Association Membership

Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/SP); São Paulo Lawyers Association (AASP); Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI); International Trademark Association (INTA); International Chamber of Commerce (ICC); Brazilian Arbitration Committee (CBAr).


Portuguese, English, Italian and French (int).